Celebrate Dentists on National Dentist's Day

March 6th is National Dentist's Day, a commemorative day to celebrate dentists and their important work. Here are some t-shirts that make great gifts of appreciation for dentists and students studying dentistry.

1 Amazing Dentist T-Shirt

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This awesome dentist t-shirt is a perfect gift for new dentists or to show appreciation for your trusted health care provider. Bold text reads "This is what an AMAZING DENTIST looks like" in all captial letters. Shown in pink, this women's cut top is available in nine other colors to match your personality and style.

2 Peace Love Dentistry T-Shirt

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This is a fun graphic t-shirt for anyone who practices dentistry. Three icons represent three important aspects of life: rabbit ear fingers for peace; a heart for love; and a tooth for dentistry. Text below captions the images, separated by hearts. Get this unisex cut shirt in natural (shown), light blue, or ash gray.

3 Trust Me I'm A Dental Student T-Shirt

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This t-shirt with the slogan "Trust Me I'm a Dental Student" in all capital letters makes a great gift idea for future dentists or anyone who is studying dentistry. The bold slogan is accompanied by a small image of a tooth. Get this shirt in Kelly Green (shown) or one of six other popular colors.

I Love Snails Cute Cartoon T-Shirt

This cute design that features the sentiment I Love Snails or I Heart Snails uses a cartoon snail to fill in for the heart shape. The pink and green snail has a cute kawaii smiling face; the accompanying text is featured in matching pink letters with matching...

Keep Calm and Perikaryon Funny Science Geek T-Shirt

Get this funny spoof of the popular British wartime propaganda phrase here adjusted for science geeks. The text reads "Keep Calm and Perikaryon" in all capital letters and the crown icon is replaced with a simple illustration of a soma. A perikaryon is the cell body of a...