Famous Scientist T-Shirts

You know that science geeks have the very best role models, right?! In this section you'll find a great collection of famous scientist t-shirts inspired by geniuses in all kinds of scientific fields. Crazy about Copernicus? Nuts for Newton? Fascinated by Freud? We've got the t-shirts to commemorate these famous names, plus many more! From famous physicists, amazing mathematicians and great engineers, you'll find a great t-shirt for them all.

Funny Kitty Lovers Wanted Dead And Alive Schrodinger's Cat T-Shirt – Looking for a funny cat experience tee? Are you a science lover? a pet lover? a cat owner? This clever cat t-shirt is for you.; Perfect... View on Amazon
Ernst Haeckel Nudibranch Sea Slugs T-Shirt – Ernst Haeckel Nudibranch Sea Slugs .Check out our Science t shirt selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. View on Zazzle
Theory of Evolution / Funny Atheism & Charles Darwin T-Shirt – If you're a proud atheist, scientist, historian, or believer in evolution -- then this awesome Charles Darwin gift is just for you or the science teacher... View on Amazon
The Pythagorean Theorem in Ancient Greek T-Shirt – Pythagoras was an ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician (sort of a cult figure of antiquity), and one of the things he's famous for is his Pythagorean... View on Zazzle
Charles Darwin HMS Beagle Tall Ship T-Shirt – HMS Beagle. The famous brig-sloop ship used by Charles Darwin in the trip around the world. View on Zazzle
It's Lit Thomas Edison T Shirt Funny Birthday Gifts For Men – This t shirt makes a great gift for any funny t shirts for women men boys girls teens grandpa, funny fathers day t shirt, funny patriotic... View on Amazon
Rorschach Ink Blot Test T Shirt Cool Psychology Gift – Rorschach Ink Blot Test T Shirt - Rorschach Test Shirt Distressed.; Great gift for psychologists, students, doctors for Birthday, Christmas, any other special occasion; Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. View on Amazon
Your Mom Funny Psychoanalysis Psychology Geek T Shirt – This t-shirt is perfect for psychology majors, psychologists, psychiatrists or psychoanalysts who love applying psychoanalysis out in clinics, explaining the concept of transference and interpreting a... View on Amazon
Schrodinger's Cat Is Alive Dead Paradox Science Geek T-Shirt – Awesome design with the phrase: Schrodinger's Cat Is Alive Dead. The funny part is how it plays with the paradox of a cat been simultaneously both... View on Amazon
Mens Your Mom Sigmund Freud Tshirt Funny History Hilarious Quote Saying Novelty Tee Mens Funny T Shirts Funny Adult Humor T Shirt Novelty Tees for Men Black M – MENS FIT: Experience the ultimate in comfort with our premium funny graphic mens tees, made from soft, ring-spun cotton. These tees are tailored to highlight your... View on Amazon
Marie Curie Classic T-Shirt – Marie Curie Classic T-Shirt View on Zazzle
Dead and Alive T-Shirt – Funny Erwin Schrodinger physician Imaginary experiment with cat. the cat is Dead and also alive View on Zazzle
Funny Math Science Electrical Engineer Gauss Law T-Shirt – German Scientist Gauss Law of Flux is popular in Physics, Engineering, and Programming. Novelty design fun birthday or Christmas gift for mom dad boyfriend especially if... View on Zazzle
What Did Gregor Mendel Say When He Founded Genetic T-Shirt – Still searching for science Biology Nerd Funny Biology Teacher t-shirts? Make a statement while maintaining a laid-back cool look with this What Did Gregor Mendel Say... View on Zazzle
Marie Curie Quote T-Shirt – Marie Curie Quote T-shirt design features the quote by Marie Curie which reads, "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.... View on Zazzle
Isaac Newton Science Rocks T-Shirt – Isaac Newton Science Rocks T-Shirt View on Zazzle
Thomas A Edison Quotes1188png1188 T-Shirt – Thomas A Edison Quotes1188png1188 View on Zazzle
Gregor Mendel: OG (Original Geneticist) - Peas - T-Shirt – Gregor Mendel sorted out the mysteries of inheritance by growing and cross-breeding pea plants. Whether tall or short, smooth or wrinkly, green or yellow, Gregor had... View on Zazzle
I Passed the Turing Test T-Shirt – Hey, chatbox, got 'em fooled? Customize the caption on this funny shirt for hackers and geeks, which claims you passed the Turing Test -- a technology... View on Zazzle
Here's Looking At Euclid Compass Geometric Math Geek Humor T-Shirt – mathematician, here's looking at Euclid, Euclid, geometric, compass, math, math teacher, math major, word play, Euclidean geometry; geek humor, math humor, saying, Raphael's The School Of... View on Amazon
Ouch! Stupid Apples - Isaac Newton T-Shirt – "Ouch! Stupid Apples!" - Isaac Newton View on Zazzle
Blaise Pascal - Happiness T-Shirt – First shirt created by user. Simple and elegant expresses a comical and ironic aspect of happiness. Which was the quote made by Blaise Pascal View on Zazzle
Galileo Galilei Physicist Physics Astronomy Gift T-Shirt – Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer. Galileo has been called the father of observational astronomy and father of modern physics.; Perfect present for... View on Amazon
Gregor Mendel Genetic Engineering T-Shirt – mendeling with creation. View on Zazzle
Vintage Barbenheimer Comfort Colors Shirt, Oppenheimer Shirt, Barbenheimer Shirt. Retro Oppenheimer Movie Inspired 2023 Shirt, Movie Inspired Shirt 2023 Shirt Trendy Short Sleeve Shirt – Classic T-shirt is one of the main staples for every wardrobe of men or women, teenagers or adults. This basic time is versatile in use and... View on Amazon
Galileo Galilei the Leaning Tower of Pisa Motif Experiment T-Shirt – Are you looking for a suitable gift? Then you should buy this outstanding design. People will love this cool motif. Great gift for your mother, dad,... View on Amazon
Johannes Kepler Science, Math,Physics and Astronomy T-Shirt – This cool German born Johannes Kepler design is awesome for any teacher of science, maths, physics, chemistry astronomy or history.Perfect gift for an engineer or inventor.;... View on Amazon
Funny Sigmund Freud Psyched Birthday on Pale Pink T-Shirt – Funny Sigmund Freud Psyched Birthday on Pale Pink Greeting Card View on Zazzle
Nicolaus Copernicus Sweatshirt - 80s Retro Vintage Sweater – Nicolaus Copernicus Sweatshirt. Neon Sunset Copernicus Shirt for Astronomy and economics fans everywhere. This Quality graphic shirt makes a great gift.; Original Polish Astronomer Shirt Design... View on Amazon
Louis Pasteur T-Shirt – Louis Pasteur, born in Dole (the Jura) the on December 27th, 1822 and died in Marnes-the-Vain (at that time in Seine-et-Oise) the on September 28th, 1895,... View on Zazzle
Johannes Kepler German Astronomer Mathematician Astrologer T-Shirt – Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. View on Amazon
PYTHAGORAS RULES! T-Shirt – PYTHAGORAS RULES! Kids' T-Shirt, Up-Side-Down Pythagorean Theorem equation on purpose, just look down at shirt, on Math Exam day! :-) View on Zazzle
Nerdy Vintage Archimedes Mathematics Beauty Math Teacher Premium T-Shirt – The Perfect and Unique Gift for Men, Women, mathematics teachers, algebra teacher, math nerds, geeks on Holidays and Special Occasions. Great gifts to buy for back... View on Amazon
Rorschach Ink Blot Test - Psychoanalysis, Psychology T-Shirt – The first card of the famous Rorschach test, the moth or butterfly. Negative image of original to look good on dark tees!; Ideal for psychologists, students... View on Amazon
Rorschach Test Shirt, Rorschach Ink Blot Test Psychology Tee – Rorschach Ink Blot Test T Shirt Psychology Tee. Psychology Shirt; Distressed Shirt. Great for psychologists, students, doctors.; Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. View on Amazon