Famous Scientist T-Shirts

You know that science geeks have the very best role models, right?! In this section you'll find a great collection of famous scientist t-shirts inspired by geniuses in all kinds of scientific fields. Crazy about Copernicus? Nuts for Newton? Fascinated by Freud? We've got the t-shirts to commemorate these famous names, plus many more! From famous physicists, amazing mathematicians and great engineers, you'll find a great t-shirt for them all.

Funny Lets Go Darwin T | Let's Go Charles Darwin Q T-Shirt – Funny Lets Go Darwin quote design for fans of Natural Selection and Charles Darwin. Lets Go Darwin shirt This funny t-shirt says Lets Go Darwin and... View on Zazzle
Funny Schrodinger's Cat T-Shirt – Schrodinger's Cat - dead or alive or both? Someone needs to figure out the possibilities because this poor cat is getting in a right state. View on Zazzle
Stay Curie-Ous Marie Curie Inspirational Science D T-Shirt – Stay Curie-Ous Marie Curie Inspirational Science Design Classic T-Shirt View on Zazzle
I am become death - Oppenheimer [BRIGHT] T-Shirt – [BRIGHT COLOR VERSION] [Select bright colors for this design, otherwise it'll get weird. I'll do a version for dark colors later.] Julius Robert Oppenheimer's famous quote from an... View on Zazzle
Isaac Newton T-Shirt – Isaac Newton's heavenly bodies quote about people; Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. View on Amazon
Pythagorean Theorem Right Triangle Christmas T-Shirt – Geom-e-tree, geom-e-tree... no one will ever forget thee! Pythagorean Theorem nerdiness at its best. Perfect t-shirt for those boring "ugly Christmas sweater" parties and theme days.... View on Zazzle
Gregor Mendel Bless his Pea-Pickin' Heart T-Shirt – Y'all agree don't ya? View on Zazzle
GAUSS shirt, GAUSS gift shirt – Proudly Designed, Printed & Finished in U.S.A/Available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and different colors. You can choose the types of shirt... View on Zazzle
The Expanse Property of MCRN Tank Top – Officially Licensed The Expanse Apparel; Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. View on Amazon
Galileo "Viva Heresy" Shirt – Galileo "Viva Heresy" dark colored tops. Old Galileo was just trying to clarify the observation that the Earth revolved around the Sun, and the Pope... View on Zazzle
Thunderbolt And Lightning Very Very Frightening Me T-Shirt – Thunder And Lightning Very Very Frightening Me! You're a geek who loves science, astronomy and music? Or you know some friends enjoying it? Perfect for all... View on Zazzle
"Your Mom" - Sigmund Freud Quote Essenti T-Shirt – "Your Mom" - Sigmund Freud Quote Essential T-Shirt View on Zazzle
Schrodinger's Cat Is Alive Dead Paradox Science Geek T-Shirt – Awesome tshirt design with the phrase: Schrodinger's Cat Is Alive Dead. The funny part is how the shirt plays with the paradox of a cat been... View on Amazon
Nikola Tesla's AC Electricity Inspiring Science T-Shirts – Famous Nikola Tesla's Thinker Seated with Giant Spiral "pancake" Electrical Coil. Inspispirational T-Shirt for Geeks, Nerds, Engineers, Inventors, and Dreamers; Unique gift T-Shirt for yourself or... View on Amazon
Sir Isaac Newton Apple Classic T-Shirt – Sir Isaac Newton Apple Classic T-Shirt View on Zazzle
Trinity Robert Oppenheimer T-Shirt – Trinity atomic bomb test, Robert Oppenheimer, Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. View on Zazzle
"Your Mom" - Sigmund Freud Quote Essenti T-Shirt – "Your Mom" - Sigmund Freud Quote Essential T-Shirt View on Zazzle
Galileo Galilei T shirt Vintage Cosmos Observer Love Space – For all of you interested in themes: Space Observer Galileo Galilei - cosmos fans, space exploration tee,love science gifts,space ship,great shirt for astronomers,occupy saturn shir,planetary clothing,cosmos... View on Amazon
Shirt - pi formulations – Pi is arguably the most important transcendental number known to man. Defined as the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, this number... View on Zazzle
Oppenheimer Death Destroyer Of Worlds Quote T-Shirt – Historians and fans of the history of the atomic bomb will enjoy this solemn gift tee featuring an infamous quote by "Father of the Atomic Bomb"... View on Zazzle
HISTORY BUFF Benjamin Franklin Body Builder Meme J T-Shirt – HISTORY BUFF! Funny meme shows Benjamin Franklin as a buff bodybuilder holding dumbbells in front of the American flag! Fun for anyone who work outs, lifts... View on Zazzle
i am so made T-Shirt – i am so made that i cannot believe quote from Blaise Pascal in gothic lettering View on Zazzle
Here's Looking At Euclid (Math/Geometry Humor) T-Shirt – Showcase your wry mathematical and geometric side with this artist gift tee featuring the saying "Here's Looking At Euclid" along with Sanzio's infamous painting of how... View on Zazzle
Marie Curie Science Chemistry Beautiful T-Shirt – Marie Curie, Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity, great design who love Chemistry and proud chemist woman who reached so... View on Amazon
Watt Is Love Baby Don't Hertz Me Nikola Tesla Vintage T-Shirt – A great idea for his birthday, her birthday, Mother's day, Father's day, Christmas, for your husband, son or brother who is a great dad, birthday shirt... View on Amazon
Johannes Kepler TShirt Tee Shirt T-Shirt – German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer,; Perfect casual shirt is available in men's, women's, youth and kids sizes, Great gift for fathers day, mothers day, birthday, christmas,... View on Amazon
cogito ergo sum, latin phrase T-Shirt РCogito, ergo sum is a philosophical statement that was made in Latin by Ren̩ Descartes, usually translated into English as "I think, therefore I am". The... View on Zazzle
I Love Carl Gauss Math Mathematics Tshirt – Gift for mathematics lover; Tee shirt; Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. View on Amazon
Charles Darwin Evolution T-Shirt – This awesome Charles Darwin image is perfect for any evolution lover, atheist, free thinker or science lover, Think Out Loud and wear it proud.; Perfect for... View on Amazon
Hippopotamus Geometry Funny Math Lover Hypotenuse Costume T-Shirt – The main difference between hypotenuse and hippotenuse is that one is the longest side of right angled triangle while the other is a place where hippo... View on Amazon
Aristotle Rainbow Stoicism Quote 1 T-Shirt – Aristotle Rainbow Stoicism Quote 1. View on Zazzle
Thomas Edison Genius Lightbulb It's Lit T-Shirt – Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Very motivating and intelligent quote tee. It's Lit Thomas Edison Bulb Tee; Awesome humor gift idea for... View on Amazon
Leverage T-Shirt – "Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the earth" View on Zazzle
Louis Pasteur - Germ Killer T-Shirt – Louis Pasteur's break through in germ theory lead to the development of inoculation and vaccines. He was the original "Germ Killer." View on Zazzle
Cogito Ergo Sum T-Shirt T-Shirt – A cartoony Rene Descartes famous quote on this cool tshirt. Cogito ergo sum shirt philosopher Descartes saying.; A great t shirt gift for anyone who loves... View on Amazon
Ben Drankin' - Funny 4th of July Quotes T-Shirt – Funny 4th of July Quotes, Ben Drankin' View on Zazzle