Famous Scientist T-Shirts

You know that science geeks have the very best role models, right?! In this section you'll find a great collection of famous scientist t-shirts inspired by geniuses in all kinds of scientific fields. Crazy about Copernicus? Nuts for Newton? Fascinated by Freud? We've got the t-shirts to commemorate these famous names, plus many more! From famous physicists, amazing mathematicians and great engineers, you'll find a great t-shirt for them all.

Womens Here's Looking At Euclid Compass Geometric Math Geek Humor V-Neck T-Shirt – mathematician, here's looking at Euclid, Euclid, geometric, compass, math, math teacher, math major, word play, Euclidean geometry; geek humor, math humor, saying, Raphael's The School Of... View on Amazon
i doubt, therefore i might be - rene descartes T-Shirt – i doubt, therefore i might be - rene descartes View on Zazzle
Pascal's RAGER T-Shirt – Rage with your favorite French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and Catholic philosopher View on Zazzle
Thunderbolt and Lightning Galileo T-Shirt – This hilarious Thunderbolt and Lightning Galileo T-Shirt is perfect for any science geek, astronomy nerd, physics nut or music lover. This funny science meme shirt is... View on Zazzle
The Only Reason For Time T-Shirt – The Only Reason For Time Is So That Everything Doesn't Happen All At Once. This design is inspired by the science fiction movie, “The Adventures of... View on Zazzle
Aristotle Happiness of the Soul Quote T-Shirt – Aristotle Happiness of the Soul Quote Are you inspired by ancient philosophers like Aristotle, Socrates or Plato? These men were filled with wisdom, advice and guidance... View on Zazzle
Émilie du Chatelet and Isaac Newton T-Shirt – Émilie du Chatelet, 18th century French mathematician, physicist, author. Shown with drawings from her Institutions physiques, Isaac Newton in the background. Wonderful for your favorite woman or girl with scientific interests. View on Zazzle
Ernst Haeckel's Radiolarian T-Shirt – A pattern created with a detail from a scientific illustration by German biologist Ernst Haeckel View on Zazzle
ComputerGear Nikola Tesla T Shirt Geek Science Glow The Dark Adult Tee, L Brown – PERFECT GIFT Energize your wardrobe wearing this Glow-in-the-Dark Tesla T-shirt; MEN WOMEN UNISEX Shirt fits Small fits chest/bust 34-36 in, Medium fits 38-40 in, Large fits... View on Amazon
Mendel Manic Recessive T-Shirt – Mendel nails it again. View on Zazzle
Marie Curie Men's Jersey – Celebrate the Noble Prize wining scientist Marie Curie with this one-of-a-kind jersey. The number 2 represents both her 2 Noble prizes and the 2 elements of... View on Zazzle
P&B Schrodinger's Cat is Dead or Alive Funny Men's T-Shirt, S, Maroon – 100% Preshrunk Cotton; Casual & Sports Active Wear T-shirt; Unisex Standard Sizing T-shirt; Recommend Cold Water Washing & Line; Printed in the US. Exclusively Promotion & Beyond Brand. View on Amazon
Gbond Apparel Galileo Galilei Space Astronomy Science T-Shirt, Medium, Navy – 100% Premium Soft Cotton; Printed with pride in Minnesota; 5.3 oz., double-needle-cover seamed neck; Preshrunk; Makes a great personalized gift. View on Amazon
Peas: The ORIGINAL Model Organism - Men's T-shirt – Give a shout out to the real OG... Original Geneticist, that is! Gregor Mendel and his peas set the stage for serious scientific inquiry into the... View on Zazzle
Grit Passion Excellence as a Habit Aristotle Quote T-Shirt – Authentic Grit Matters More Than Talent. Cultivate Your Mental Toughness! GRIT is that mix of passion, perseverance, and self-discipline that keeps us moving forward in spite... View on Amazon
Integration by parts T-Shirt – A theorem in calculus relating the product of functions to the integral of their derivative and antiderivative. Integration by parts (IBP) is powerful integration technique. View on Zazzle
Thomas Edison Quote Women's Basic Canvas Ringer T-Shirt – Thomas Edison Quote Women's Basic Canvas Ringer View on Zazzle
Leibniz the man the math the legend funny T-Shirt – Love Enlightenment era philosophy, love math and calculus. Funny Leibniz shirt. Rationalism. philosophy and mathematics. Perfect for math majors, mathematics teachers and students of philosophy.; Leibniz... View on Amazon
Science Teacher Isaac Newton Law Of Gravity Apple T-Shirt – A fun, educational t-shirt which helps science teachers introduce students to Newton's law of gravity. This scientific apple tee will have curious young minds asking what the... View on Zazzle
Gauss Shirt II (with Bell Curve) – This is a shirt featuring the likeness of Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777 - 1855), a classic German mathematician known for his work on number theory, algebra,... View on Zazzle
Thomas Edison white T-shirt – A Hero of mankind. Humanity Heroes. View on Zazzle
Be Marie Curie T-Shirt – Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be Marie Curie Then Be Marie Curie. Our Back to School Apparel for Radiation, Chemistry and Science Major is Perfect... View on Zazzle
America USA Independence Day Gift T- T-Shirt – You are proud of America.Then this America USA Independence Day Gift design is for you.For everyone who loves America USA Independence Day. View on Zazzle
I want you to evlolve| Funny scince T-Shirt – Another twist on the famous uncle Sams poster with Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Darwin and a scientific contemporary of his, Alfred Russel Wallace, proposed that... View on Zazzle
Here's Looking At Euclid (Math/Geometry Humor) T-Shirt – Showcase your wry mathematical and geometric side with this artist gift tee featuring the saying "Here's Looking At Euclid" along with Sanzio's infamous painting of how... View on Zazzle
Alan Turing T-shirt – Alan J. Turing is regarded as the father of modern computers. Portrayed as zeroes and ones, it's a quite appropriate way to honor his work. View on Zazzle
Four Bulb Skulls Pattern T-Shirt – Four Bulb Skulls Pattern for true electric fans View on Zazzle
Alan Turing Tribute T-Shirt – Alan Turing Tribute T-Shirt View on Zazzle
Vintage Tesla AC Inventor T-Shirt – Vintage Tesla AC Inventor T shirt View on Zazzle
Carl Friedrich Gauss Long Sleeve Tee Shirt For Mathematicians And Scientists Classic.02 Trending Graphic Tee- Cool Summer Tee For Men- Funny Gifts Shirt- Women's Clothing – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐MADE IN USA⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ BEST MATERIAL: Our products are made with premium quality 100% soft cotton (fibre content may vary for different colors) and printed in the... View on Amazon
Leibniz's Notation Math Teacher Engineer T-Shirt – Leibniz's Notation Shirt. Leibniz's Notation Shirt for women. Leibniz's Notation Shirt for men. Math Teacher, Engineer Shirt. Math Teacher, Engineer Shirt for women. Math Teacher, Engineer... View on Amazon
Aristotle Education T-Shirt – Aristotle Education View on Zazzle
b f skinner quote postcard – funny humor jokes gifts t-shirt tees present gift gifts hilarious humorous professor phd geek geeks nerd b f skinner psychology psychologist computer artificail intelligence ai smart... View on Zazzle
Blaise Pascal - Happiness T-Shirt – First shirt created by user. Simple and elegant expresses a comical and ironic aspect of happiness. Which was the quote made by Blaise Pascal View on Zazzle
AAHMED Johannes Kepler T Shirt for Mens M White – 100% Cotton; Machine washable; Outstanding Fabric Quality! Pre-shrunk 100% Cotton Men's Shirt; TOP QUALITY; Double-needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem. View on Amazon
I Have Not Failed Thomas Edison Quote T-Shirt – This is the perfect gift for mom, dad, wife, husband, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, nephew or niece, birthday, graduations or Christmas occasions. View on Zazzle