Funny Brood X Cicada Emergence 2021 T-Shirts

Get ready, because 2021 will see an emergence of Brood X, the 17-year cicadas that cover the largest range of such periodic insects in the United States. These amazing bugs will start emerging, in nymph form, throughout May in 15 Eastern and Midwestern states. 

Whether you will experience this phenomenon where you live or you just want to "enjoy" Brood X from afar, find a fun t-shirt to commemorate the event. Here are some clever Brood X t-shirts for bug lovers.

The Melodic Song of the Cicada Funny T-Shirt

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The the high-pitched song of Brood X cicadas is going to be the only thing some people will hear all summer -- these bugs are loud! This funny cicada t-shirt features a big cartoon cicada standing on a stage. He says, "I call this one SKREEEEEEEEEEE..." with the caption BROOD X 2021 EASTERN U.S. TOUR.

Cicadas Live In Concert Funny Brood X T-Shirt

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The 15 states that will experience the mega emergence of Brood X cicadas are listed on this funny concert-style souvenir t-shirt.

Brood X 2021 Sing Mate Die Souvenir T-Shirt

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They've been burrowed underground for 17 years and when they emerge, they've got a tight agenda to SING like crazy, MATE to propagate the species, and then DIE when they've fulfilled their mission. What a fascinating life cycle! This Brood X 2021 shirt outlines the main events.

Just a Girl Who Loves Cicadas T-Shirt

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Do you know someone who's a big fan of cicadas? This fun shirt features a cartoon style image of a cicada with bold text all around with a pro-cicada message.

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