Graphic Atom T-Shirts for Science Geeks

Atoms are small. They are the smallest things, and they make up everything. The t-shirts featured here, made of atoms, have graphic depictions of atoms in different artistic styles. Pick up an atom t-shirt for the science geek in your life!

1 Retro Four Color Comic Style Atom T-Shirt

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This design has an illustrated atom within a circle of four colors. The atom is drawn with thick lines and the overall design is distressed for a vintage look.

2 Drawn Lines Atom T-Shirt for Science Lovers

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This is a unique atom t-shirt featuring original drawn art. The white lines pop against a black t-shirt, though you can get this design on a wide variety of t-shirt colors and styles.

3 Billiards Atom Graphic Crossover T-Shirt

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This geeky t-shirt is great for fans of billiards and science. An atom is embellished with pool balls against a retro color background. The entire design is distressed for a neat vintage look.

4 Wood Inlay Look Atom T-Shirt Design

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This thick illustrated atom looks like it is made of inlaid wood. Get this classic-look science design on a light shirt as shown here; a variety of light tone apparel styles are available.

5 3D Atom Design on Pocket Area T-Shirt

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This top has a smaller atom design for those who prefer a more subtle style. The atom is made of metallic-look 3D lines. Shown here on black, the pocket-area design top is also available in white.

6 Distressed Stylized Graphic Atom T-Shirt

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This retro style atom graphic really pops on an orange t-shirt as shown. The atom illustration is made of thick lines and the entire design has been distressed for a vintage look which matches well with the color scheme. You can get this in other color apparel styles but we think it looks best on orange as shown.

Funny Glass is Completely Full Science Geek T-Shirt

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Isaac Newton's Law of Gravitation Apple T-Shirt

Newton's law of universal gravitation, sometimes called Newton's law of gravity, is a mathematical equation that relates force between objects, mass, and distance. The formula is presented on this t-shirt within an illustrated apple -- alluding to the story that Isaac Newton was inspired in his work...

Fun Elements of Fatherhood T-Shirts for Fathers's Day

Geeky dads will love these two fun t-shirt designs inspired by the elements. Each design uses blocks representing elements from the periodic table to spell out a word. Father uses real elements, while the more whimsical Daddy design uses fictional elements appropriate for Fatherhood. Both t-shirts are fun...

You Matter Funny Physics Geek T-Shirt

This t-shirt design looks like it's a message of positive reinforcement with bold blue text that reads YOU MATTER. The design goes on to explain, effectively, how you might transition to another form: "until you multiply yourself times the speed of light squared THEN YOU ENERGY". The funny...