Fun Elements of Fatherhood T-Shirts for Fathers's Day

Geeky dads will love these two fun t-shirt designs inspired by the elements. Each design uses blocks representing elements from the periodic table to spell out a word. Father uses real elements, while the more whimsical Daddy design uses fictional elements appropriate for Fatherhood. Both t-shirts are fun Father's Day gift ideas for your dad, especially if he is interested in chemistry or other science studies.

Father Made of Elements T-Shirt

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This original chemistry-inspired design reads FATHER using elements of the periodic table. This fun apparel design for dads makes a perfect gift idea for your dad, on Father's Day, your dad's birthday, or any time you want to show your father some love! 

Daddy Made of Elements Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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This is an original design made just for fathers. The word DADDY is spelled out using "cute" elements from a fictional periodic table. D is for Discipline, A is for Adventure, Dd is for Diaper Duty, and Y is for Yard Work. This is a funny, cute gift idea for Father's Day or dad's birthday! 

Funny Never Trust an Atom Geek T-Shirt

This fun t-shirt features text surrounding an illustration of an atom with a cute red smiley face inside. The text, in white and red, reads in all caps: Never Trust an Atom | They Make Up Everything. A truer statement there never was.  This funny science geek t-shirt...

Funny Graphic T-Shirts for Chemists

Give the gift of laughter in novelty t-shirt form with these funny designs made for chemists, chemistry students, and those interested in the science of chemicals. 

Fun Oh Chemistree Graphic Elements Shirt

Share your love of chemistry this holiday season with this fun t-shirt that mashes up chemical themes along with a festive Christmas design.  A stack of green blocks, each representing an actual element from the periodic table, is arranged in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Some of the...