Pumpkin Pi T-Shirt Halloween Shirt for Math Geeks

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I Ate Some Pumpkin Pi Pie Math Teacher Halloween T-Shirt – Savor the season with this delicious pumpkin pie design. Share your sense of humor with your favorite math teacher or class. Perfect for trick or treat... View on Amazon
Pumpkin Pi Pie Shirt, Punny Halloween Costume, Math Pun T-Shirt – Pumpkin Pi Pie Shirt, Get this funny and geeky "Pumpkin Pi" Face, this punny algebra pun is sure to make friends LOL with this nerdy pumpkin... View on Amazon
Pumpkin Pie Math Shirt Funny Halloween Thanksgiving Pi Day T-Shirt – This funny pumpkin pie math Pi shirt makes an easy costume idea for the next Thanksgiving reunion or Halloween math teacher tshirt. Funny Halloween t-shirt for... View on Amazon

This Teacher Loves Brains Funny Halloween Zombie Long Sleeve Tee

This fun t-shirt design made for teachers is a fun one to wear on and around Halloween! A spooky, scary illustrated zombie reaches out in the center of the design. Text above and below the brain-loving undead creature reads "THIS TEACHER" and "LOVES BRAINS". Of course teachers love brains,...

Funny Old School Abacus Computer T-Shirt

The abacus is an ancient form of calculating tool also known as a counting frame. While the exact origin of the abacus is unknown, early frames probably didn't include letters formed in the QWERTY keyboard style as seen on this shirt. The abacus t-shirt design here features a...