Two Funny Enginerd T-Shirts for Science Geeks

Another word for geek is nerd, and these two t-shirts for science enthusiasts incorporate the word NERD into the word ENGINEER to make a brand new geeky portmanteau: ENGINERD.

Computer Enginerd T-Shirt for Computer Engineers

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Digital-style text in old-school computer green spell out COMPUTER ENGINERD on this black t-shirt. Get this for the computer geek / nerd / enthusiast in your life.

Enginerd Geeky T-Shirt with Gears

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ENGINERD is written in bold dark grey text. A pair of interlocking gears appear in light grey as a backdrop. This is a fun t-shirt for engineers / nerds / enginerds of all disciplines and levels.

Root 66 Square Root Funny Math Geek T-Shirt

The design on this polo-style shirt looks like a highway route sign. The top of the sign reads ROOT and the bottom shows a square root symbol over the number 4356. The square root of 4356 is 66... so this sign reads "Root 66". This is a funny...

Optimist or Pessimist? Funny Glass Full T-Shirt

Is the glass half empty, or half full? An optimist and a pessimist allegedly would have different answers, but in reality, the glass is always completely full, as this funny science geek t-shirt explains. This graphic design shows a simple glass of water. The half that is full...

Funny Glass is Completely Full Science Geek T-Shirt

This funny graphic shirt for physics and science geeks takes on the optimism versus pessimism trope of a glass being half full or half empty. Technically, the glass is completely full, whether it's mostly water or not, there's something else in there: air.  This simple white graphic t-shirt...

Celebrate Dentists on National Dentist's Day

March 6th is National Dentist's Day, a commemorative day to celebrate dentists and their important work. Here are some t-shirts that make great gifts of appreciation for dentists and students studying dentistry.