Two Funny Enginerd T-Shirts for Science Geeks

Another word for geek is nerd, and these two t-shirts for science enthusiasts incorporate the word NERD into the word ENGINEER to make a brand new geeky portmanteau: ENGINERD.

Computer Enginerd T-Shirt for Computer Engineers

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Digital-style text in old-school computer green spell out COMPUTER ENGINERD on this black t-shirt. Get this for the computer geek / nerd / enthusiast in your life.

Enginerd Geeky T-Shirt with Gears

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ENGINERD is written in bold dark grey text. A pair of interlocking gears appear in light grey as a backdrop. This is a fun t-shirt for engineers / nerds / enginerds of all disciplines and levels.

The Astronomer Funny Tarot Card Spoof T-Shirt

This funny astronomy spoof shirt is great for anyone interested in studying the stars and space. The design features a book with planets and stars seeming to jump off the pages. The book and planetary bodies is part of a tarot card inspired design. The book and...

Funny Gregor Mendel Geneticist Joke T-Shirt

Gregor Mendel was a scientist who studied in several fields, including biology and genetics. In fact, his groundbreaking experiments in heredity gave name to the widely recognized laws of Mendelian inheritance. This funny t-shirt has a joke that scientists will love: "What did Gregor Mendel say when he...

Funny Vet T-Shirts For World Veterinary Day!

Today, April 25, is known as World Veterinary Day or World Veterinarian Day, a commemorative holiday created by the World Veterinary Association back in 2000. The celebration occurs on the last Saturday of April. The day is meant to highlight and recognize professional veterinarians and the work they...

Bloch Sphere Simple Graphic Tee

This diagram, the Bloch sphere, was named after the Swiss physicist Felix Bloch. It is a geometric representation of the pure state of space of a single qubit, used in quantum mechanics and computing.  I have no idea if any of that made sense, but this simple...